On a cold winter night a few years back I decided to take up fly tying as a hobby,something to keep myself busy while waiting for the lakes to thaw out. Lately I find myself spending more time tying flys than actually fishing them.

A good portion of my time is now spent researching the fly patterns and tyers that have become famous amongst anglers of the Pacific North West, my objective is to use this blog for sharing fly tying step by steps and other info in hopes of helping others who are just starting into this great hobby.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

McLeod Ugly

With salmon season winding down and steelhead season fast approaching I've been tying some new steelhead patterns to use in my search for these magnificent fish. This fly was developed by Ken and George McLeod of Washington for fishing Washington waters, but it is also a very effective fly in British Columbia.

Below is a step by step for this easy but effective pattern.

McLeod Ugly
Hook:Size 1/0 to 8
Tail:Red Fluff From the Base of a Red-Dyed Hackle
Body:Black Chenille
Hackle:Grizzly, Tied in by the Tip and Palmered Forward
Wing:Black Bear, Bucktail or Moose Hair

Step 1: Lay a base of thread and tie in red tail and grizzly hackle at end of hook.

Step 2:Tie down chenille at back of hook and wrap forward.

Step 3:Next palmer the grizzly hackle forward and tie off.

Step 4:Tie in the black bear wing, whip finish and apply head cememt.

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