On a cold winter night a few years back I decided to take up fly tying as a hobby,something to keep myself busy while waiting for the lakes to thaw out. Lately I find myself spending more time tying flys than actually fishing them.

A good portion of my time is now spent researching the fly patterns and tyers that have become famous amongst anglers of the Pacific North West, my objective is to use this blog for sharing fly tying step by steps and other info in hopes of helping others who are just starting into this great hobby.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Knudson's Gray Spider

When most anglers think of winter time in British Columbia they often think of steelhead and cutthroat trout, the next pattern featured works well for both.

This pattern was developed by Al Knudson of Everett Washington in the 1930's and was originally tied for steelhead, it has since become a favorite pattern with many anglers who fish for cutthroat trout.

Below I've included a step by step for this classic northwest spider.

Hook: Mustad 3906, size 2-10
Thread: Black
Tail: Mallard flank fibres
Body: Yellow chenille
Collar: Mallard flank tied long over grizzly saddle hackle

Step 1:Tie in mallard flank at rear of the hook.

Step 2:Tie in chenille at rear of hook wrap forward and tie off.

Step 3:Tie in grizzly for the under hackle, wind forward a couple turns and tie off.

Step 4:Tie in mallard flank for the over hackle.

Step 5:Wind the mallard flank forward a couple turns, tie off and apply head cement.

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