On a cold winter night a few years back I decided to take up fly tying as a hobby,something to keep myself busy while waiting for the lakes to thaw out. Lately I find myself spending more time tying flys than actually fishing them.

A good portion of my time is now spent researching the fly patterns and tyers that have become famous amongst anglers of the Pacific North West, my objective is to use this blog for sharing fly tying step by steps and other info in hopes of helping others who are just starting into this great hobby.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Golden Girl

Today I've tried tying a variation of a steelhead pattern developed by Roderick Haig-Brown called the "Golden Girl". This pattern was developed in the 1940's for use on the Campbell river and most experts agree that it was a stripped down version of the Durham Ranger.

Below I've put together a step by step for this pattern. In researching it I've found that it is sometimes tied with orange hackle instead of yellow.

Golden Girl
Thread:6/0 black or red
Tail:yellow hackle fibre
Body:flat gold tinsel
Wings:two golden pheasant tippets and a few yellow bucktail hairs
Hackle: Yellow saddle hackle

Step1:Tie in hackle fibres and tinsel at rear of hook.

Step2:Wrap forward tinsel and tie off.

Step 3:Tie in yellow hackle(for this I have substituted yellow marabou tips".

Step 4: Tie in some yellow bucktail hairs for wing, on top of that tie in two golden pheasant tippets back to back. Whip finish and apply head cement.

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